Don’t get stuck in an expensive contract. We provide state of the art equipment including infrared cameras, professional installation and a full year of training and support all at a fraction of the cost of those contracts!

We offer POS interface technology that can connect to your existing POS system. This allows you to search for video from a specific transaction or monitor voided sales.

A customer favorite is the ability to watch your cameras via the internet anywhere you go!  Check in when you’re at home or on the road!

Our advanced video insight software provides playback capabilities which allow you to review saved video at your convenience. Get video proof of incidents.

Why worry and wonder when you can know!

Restaurants & Retail

  • Increase revenue, accountability and productivity
  • Monitor cash registers and stop skimming
  • Reduce shrink by catching thieves and watching employees
  • Use as an employee training tool
  • Increase security indoors and out


  • Stop vandalism and theft
  • Control expenses
  • Monitor jobsite progress

Hotels & Resorts

  • Provide security for staff and guests
  • Ensure adherence to policies
  • Increase customer service

Home Owners

  • Protect your most valuable assets
  • See who’s at the door before answering
  • Keep an eye on kids and babysitters
  • Deter criminals